General News

WWF-Myanmar organises study visit to raise environmental awareness among Myanmar’s youth

GENERAL Feb 23, 2018
WWF-Myanmar organised a study visit programme, called Touching Nature, in collaboration with Dawei Development Association and Dawei University which aim to raise environmental awareness among y... 42

Forest area around Mount Sayamayri to be demarcated as protected

GENERAL Feb 23, 2018
The Sagaing Region Forest Department will conduct a study tour to claim untouched natural forests around Mount Sayamayri under the Naga self administrative zone in the Sagaing Region as protecte... 34

Sidewalks and steel railings around Mandalay moat are renovated

GENERAL Feb 23, 2018
Renovation of the sidewalks and railing fences of the moat in Mandalay will be undertaken by the Mandalay City Development Committee. The financing will come from a fund in the amount of Ks.400 ... 36

Three bombs hit capital of Myanmar’s Rakhine state: Police

GENERAL Feb 23, 2018
Three bombs exploded in different locations around Rakhine’s state capital Sittwe early Saturday morning, including the home of a high ranking official, Myanmar police told AFP, adding that no death... 28

Yangon Welcomes New 4G+ Data Experience

GENERAL Feb 23, 2018
Myanmar’s electronic dance music (EDM) fans enjoyed life as ananda revealed their logo and an infinity hub at the Full Moon Party EDM festival on Yangon on February 10, 2018. ananda is a 4G+ data... 26

Myanmar netizens react to viral story about deadly puppy disease

GENERAL Feb 23, 2018
A Mandalay woman has stirred emotions and debate this week when she posted a now-viral story on Facebook about the sudden death of her brother-in-law after he received a tiny scratch from a puppy he l... 35

Yoma Bank bomb blast kills two, injures 22 in northern Shan State

GENERAL Feb 23, 2018
A bomb explosion at Yoma Bank on Lanmadaw Street in Lashio, northern Shan State on February 21, killed employees and injuring 22 others people. Bank staffers Sandar Tun, 48 and Maw Maw, 39 were kil... 28

Amended assembly law still undemocratic, says activist

GENERAL Feb 23, 2018
Dr Nyo Nyo Thin said Section 18 of the amended peaceful assembly law is a danger to democracy. She continues to oppose the amended law as submitted to the Upper House by Dr Myat Nyana Soe on Februar... 29

Mandalay to get first elephant museum

GENERAL Feb 23, 2018
The first elephant museum will be opened in Mandalay by the end of March, according to Myanmar Timber Enterprise. The second elephant camp is now under construction in Pyinoolwin Township. The camp r... 32

Tens of thousands sign ‘Death to Rapists’ petition

GENERAL Feb 22, 2018
Momentum behind a movement to enact the death penalty for convicted rapists is mounting as protests continue to erupt across Myanmar and a petition for the punishment is collecting signatures by the t... 71