General News

Facebook says it has been too slow to address misinformation in Myanmar

GENERAL Aug 18, 2018
Facebook has said it has been too slow to address misinformation and hate on the platform in Myanmar and has created a dedicated team across product, engineering and policy to work on issues specifi... 83

Indian Navy to drop in to Yangon Port

GENERAL Aug 18, 2018
To further strengthen close and strong bilateral relations between India and Myanmar, Indian Naval Ship Khanjar will call into Yangon, Myanmar from 18-20 August. INS Khanjar (P-47) is a Khukri-clas... 52

ORADIAN Microfinance Technology to Launch in Myanmar

GENERAL Aug 18, 2018
The Global Financial Inclusion Advocate, Oradian, a company that serves financial institutions in remote, hard-to-reach communities, will hold an 'Exclusive Networking Event for Financial Inclusion Le... 56

Mytel: Standardized Local Calling Rates to Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia

GENERAL Aug 18, 2018
Fulfilling its commitment to make a positive impact on customer satisfaction, Mytel has worked on special rate for roaming with leading telecommunication companies in Vietnam (Viettel), Laos (Unitel) ... 60

Israeli Program Aims to Help Mothers and Children in Shan State

GENERAL Aug 18, 2018
“A Drop of Milk” is a 2-year pilot program for improving maternal and child health and will be tested across 138 villages in Southern Shan State, Myanmar. The program was launched by Tag Inter... 57

Northern Shan refugees urgently in need of blankets and nuts

GENERAL Aug 18, 2018
More than 1,000 war refugees from Namtu and Hsibaw Townships, northern Shan State, are in need of blankets and nuts, say those volunteering to help the war refugees. As there is chaos, confusion a... 43

More than 120 wild elephants killed in 8.6 years

GENERAL Aug 18, 2018
Within 8.6 years, more than 120 wild elephants have been killed with 2017 seeing the highest wild elephant killing rate, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation. ... 44

20 passengers injured in highway car accident

GENERAL Aug 18, 2018
A total of 20 passengers were injured in a car accident near Milepost-100 on Yangon-Mandalay Highway on August 17, according to the 115th mile Highway Police. A police officer from Highway Police s... 44

Landslides make obstacles for locals to travel in Dawei-Htikhee road

GENERAL Aug 18, 2018
Heavy rain damaged Dawei-Htikhee road in Taninthayi region causing landslides and urgently needed to repair, according to locals. A road section between Myitthar Town and Htikhee border gate on Daw... 42

Myawaddy Border trade on decline due to fierce heavy rains

GENERAL Aug 17, 2018
As the heavy rain pours rampant in the region, Jaing (Kawkareik) Pontoon bridge in Myawaddy was flooded and completely inaccessible for 20 days. As a result, trade amount compare with previous year am... 65