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Heavy downpours cut off communication access in northern Kachin, Sagaing
Jul 12, 2019 Source : Daily Eleven
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The water level of Ayeyawady River has become high due to heavy downpours in the northernmost region of Myanmar.

Kachin State Parliament MP Chan Tan Khin from Naungmon Township said: “Since the evening of July 8, the floods have cut off communication access to Naungmon Township located in the northernmost region of Myanmar. All roads accessible to Naungmon Township are flooded. This is the worst disaster in three to four decades. We cannot estimate the extent of damage due to the communication cutoff. Locals loss their cattle and experience landslides. Most of village-to-village suspension bridges were washed away by the flooding.”

According to the record at 4 pm on July 10, the rainfall was just 0.39 inches and the level of Ayeyawady River stood at 1,107 cm. Four wards are floods. Nearly 300 people from 58 households are taking shelter at nearby monasteries.

Than Win, Myintkyina Township Administrator said: “The water level is expected to reach its danger level of 1200 cm at 6 pm. The water level continues to rise even though there is no rain. The low-laying areas face flooding. The State Chief Minister and ministers looked round the situation on the ground. The situation will become worse if the water level continue to rise.

Tin Htike, Director of Kachin State Department of Meteorology and Hydrology said: “The river water level continues to increase despite no rainfall. The river water level is linked to the situation in Putao. There are heavy downpours in the northern region.

According to the records, the river water level reached 1,413 cm in 1979, 1,411 cm in 1997 and 1,407 cm in 2004.

The incessant rains in the upper Sagaing Region also have cut off communication access and caused landslides between Hkamti and Lahe Townships.

Sagaing Regio MP Maung Tay from Hkamti Township Constituency-1 said: “Heavy rains damaged the roads. The road is closed due to the landslides. A tree fell onto a car. No one was injured. It is difficult to repair the road due to heavy rains.”

In September last year, heavy rains and landslides cut off access to village-to-village roads in Naga Self-Administration Zone in Sagaing Region.

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