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Govt. calls for parking zone tenders
Oct 11, 2018 Source : Daily Eleven
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The government has invited a tender for eight parking zones to be located in six downtown townships but only five applicants succeeded the tender selection process, said Yangon Mayor Maung Maung Soe during the 7th regular session of 2nd Yangon Region Parliament held on October 9.
        He replied to a question raised by MP Kyi Pyar of No.1 Kyauktada Constituency about how the regional government has plans to collect parking fees for the convenience of the people.
        “Only a few people had entered the tender selection process as there are restrictions. The government department will help the tender winners,” said the mayor.
        He added the parking fees will be collected from “named” streets and roads. They will not collect parking fees in “numbered” streets.
        Simply put, “named” streets such as Strand Road or Seikkanthar Street are usually wider, spacious and more attractive for people to park compared to “numbered” streets such as 37th, 38th, and so on.
        The law to collect parking fee was enacted in former mayor Ko Lay’s era. Drivers who failed to pay the parking fee or obey the rules and regulations would be taken action against.
        There are now eight parking zones. In the former mayor’s era, there were ten parking zones but the government has not collected parking fees starting from December 1 2014, according to the current mayor.
        “The meeting of the region government held on October 26 decided on a call for tender for eight parking zones in downtown Yangon and agreed upon a rate of K200 per hour to be collected as parking fee. The parking hours are from 8am to 6pm daily,” said the mayor.
        A total of five out of eight parking zones and respective applicants succeeded the tender process. Most of the tender called in during the current government’s era had failed, which initially casted doubt that it may be civil servants themselve that didn’t want to award the tender to others. Maung Maung soe claimed he now knows that the tender contenders had negotiated with each other to keep not to give appropriate prices.
        “We will sign contracts with the tender winners to meet the demand. We will continue to call for tender for the remaining parking zones. We fixed a five-month period between November 1 and March 1 to collect the parking fees at the same time arranging to introduce a new modernized car parking system after the period,” he said.
        MP Kyi Pyar said she would like to know about the rules and regulations used in tender selection process and that the fees need to be collected systematically.
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