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Lychees earn good income due to high yield in Kayin State
May 15, 2018 Source : The Global New Light of Myanmar
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LYCHEES cultivated in the villages of Leiktho town in Hpa-an District, Kayin State, have seen a good yield this year.
        Villagers of Leiktho town in Kayin State mostly cultivate areca nut, banana, durian and mangosteen in their villages.
        Lychees saw a high yield in Myathargon, Painthilar and Tinbawtaw villages in the Leiktho town. Villagers from the Leiktho town pick the lychees in April and May, and send them to the market. “Lychees have seen high yield this year. Some lychees that were picked in April were sent to the market and earned a good price.
        Villagers pick lychees in mid-May when the price declines slightly. Lychees from Kayin State were sent mainly to Taungoo. Good-quality lychees are sold between Ks1,000 and Ks1,500 per viss. Moreover, retail sellers buy the fruit at the field itself.
        Some sell the lychees on motorbikes around the townships of Bago Region,” said Daw Myint Myint Khin, a local lychee cultivator.
        Villagers sell lychees at two difference prices — start pickup time and abundant crops time. This year, lychees earned a good income compared to last year.

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