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Market competition triggers fall in prices of edible bird’s nests
Feb 04, 2018 Source : The Global New Light of Myanmar
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THE prices of edible bird’s nests continued to fall in the domestic market, likely attributable to an increase in competition among producers, according to a report in Myawady Daily.
        Despite a decrease in prices, the demand for edible bird’s nests has increased in the market in recent months. Sellers in the Taninthayi Region said the decline in prices was linked to high production.
        Edible bird’s nests are produced mainly in Myeik, a town in the Taninthayi Region. Daw Cho, owner of a souvenir shop in Kanphya Ward in Myeik Town, said: “The prices of edible bird’s nests are decreasing significantly in the market because of mass production. The market is active due to an increase in the number of visitors to the town.”
        Edible bird’s nests are animal products harvested for human consumption and are included in the list of expensive marketable products due to their health benefits.
        Depending on their grading, a viss (3.6 pounds) of finished edible bird’s nests is sold for Ks3.8 million, while a viss of raw materials was worth Ks3.3 million in the local market in the last few months.
        Currently, the finished edible bird’s nest is sold for Ks3.5 million per viss, whereas a viss of raw materials is worth Ks2.7 million.—

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