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Action will be taken against security members and villagers involved in killings of Bengali terrorists in Maungdaw: CiC’s Office
Jan 10, 2018 Source : Daily Eleven
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Unidentified bodies found in Peyone cemetery in Indin village in Maungdaw Township are the bodies of Bengali terrorists killed by security members and villagers, according to a statement by the Office of Commander-in-Chief on January 10.
        A five-member investigation team led by Lt-Gen Aye Win from the Office of Commander-in-Chief Office (Army) was formed to make an investigation into the case.
        From December 20, 2017 to January 2, 2018, the investigation team interrogated 21 servicemen, three border guard force members, 13 members of No.8 Security Force, six villagers and six departmental staff in Indin village-tract.
        According to the investigation, Indin village-tract has two ethnics villages—Indin (Rakhine) village and Peyone (NaTaLa) village and three Bengali villages. Two ethnic villages have a population of 840 and 176 houses while three Bengali villages have 800 houses and a population of around 6,000. After the October 9 attack in 2016, Bengalis were aggressive towards ethnics and threatened them. On August 25, U Maung Ni, a villager from Indin village was killed by Bengali terrorists on his way to farm. Family members of U Maung Ni felt rancour towards Bengalis. Since August 25, Bengalis from Indin Bengali villages had threatened ethnic villagers with sticks and swords round the clock. Bengali villages opened loudspeakers in Bengali language in an attempt to threaten ethnics.
        Villagers fled to Indin village monastery as they did not dare to stay in their houses any longer. At the request of villagers, security forces had to provide security for villagers in time. On September 1, security forces performing area clearance operations near the beach were attacked by around 200 Bengali terrorists with sticks and swords. Security forces had to fire warning shots into the air and then could seize ten Bengali terrorists, the statement says.
        The Bengali terrorists were detained in a school on the evening of September 1. According to the investigation, they had connections with terrorist groups and Mawlawies organized them to participate in terror attacks.
        The detained Bengali terrorists would have to be handed over to the police station in accord with procedures. But the security force was not in a position to transport them to the police station as Bengali terrorists set fire to two vehicles from Indin police station in Thinbawgway village and security forces had to perform their duties due to the ongoing terror attacks there. Then, a decision was made to kill them in the cemetery. At 8 am on September 2, they were taken to the Peyone cemetery in Indin village by Indin villagers under police escort, followed by ten villagers including U Maung Ni’s sons.
        Some villagers dug a pit in a ravine between two hills in Peyone cemetery. Two sons of U Maung Ni and one villager killed them in the pit by swords. Four security members shot them.
        According to the investigations, it is found that the detained Bengali terrorists were killed as ethnics felt rancor towards Bengalis and wanted to take revenge on them due to their involvements in the terror attacks, the killing of U Maung Ni by Bengali villagers and threats and bullying to ethnics. Actions will be taken against villagers involved in the killings of ten Bengali terrorists, and security members who broke the Rules of Engagement.
        An ongoing investigation will be made into the case to expose officials who have a duty to report it to the higher level departments despite having no direct involvements in the case. The latest development will be publicized, according to the statement.

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