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Construction of sunset watching locations 100 % finished in Bagan-Nyaung-U
GENERAL Date: Aug 11, 2017   View: 61
Authorities with the Irrigation and Water Resources Management Department completed construction of lookout points for tourists in Bagan-Nyaung-U, according to an article in the City News Daily...
Death of housemaid in Thailand who died of gunshot wounds ruled a suicide; family urges authorities to launch investigation
GENERAL Date: Aug 11, 2017   View: 83
Thai authorities have ruled the death of a Myanmar housemaid in Thailand a suicide, to the anger and disappointment of both her family and migrant rights groups. The 17-year-old victim was original...
Calves delight visitors to Winga Baw Elephant Camp
GENERAL Date: Aug 09, 2017   View: 78
A series of elephant calf births at Bago’s Winga Baw Elephant Conservation Camp near the 39-mile post on the Yangon- Mandalay Highway have attracted a greater number of visitors recently, acco...
Two people arrested for stealing necklaces off children’s necks on Mahamuni Pagoda
GENERAL Date: Aug 09, 2017   View: 98
What’s worse than stealing something from a kid? How about stealing something from a kid while at a pagoda? As despicable an act as it may seem, this week, Mandalay police arrested not just one, but...
20 million meth pills seized in Tachileik house raids
GENERAL Date: Aug 09, 2017   View: 93
Myanmar authorities have seized 20 million meth tablets, 600,000 ecstasy pills and blocks of heroin in the heart of the drug-producing ‘Golden Triangle’, in what is believed to be the biggest haul...
YRTA to take action against angry bus conductor who flashed her underwear at passing car
GENERAL Date: Aug 09, 2017   View: 131
Photos of a YBS bus conductor who swore and flashed her underwear at a passing car have gone viral on social media, with Yangon Regional Transport Authority officials now saying that they will take le...
Ceremonies to mark 29th 8888 Uprising held
GENERAL Date: Aug 08, 2017   View: 89
Towns nationwide yesterday celebrated the 29th anniversary of the nationwide protests in 1988 that launched Myanmar’s pro-democracy movement. With prayers for those who died in the demonstrati...
Bullets, belongings of gunmen who held up money changer found in trash bin on Inya Lake bank
GENERAL Date: Aug 08, 2017   View: 92
Police have found the belongings, including several bullets, of two suspects who attempted to hold up a currency exchange shop last week. On Saturday, a man wearing a green surgical face mask enter...
Inmates who passed matriculation exam with distinctions granted amnesty, released from jail
GENERAL Date: Aug 08, 2017   View: 98
Seven inmates at Insein and Obo Prisons who passed this year’s matriculation exams had what was probably the best ever start to their week. On Monday morning, the students were informed that due to ...
Police Step Up Crack Down on ATM Card Fraud
GENERAL Date: Aug 08, 2017   View: 104
Local banks are teaming up with the Myanmar Police Force to crack down on il­legal cash withdrawals by counterfeit ATM cards, according to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Naypyidaw. ...
Shwe Bite AppWins Startup Israel 2017 Competition
GENERAL Date: Aug 08, 2017   View: 97
Shwe Bite, a locally developed mobile app that allows us­ers to personalize their search for restaurants, won the Startup Israel 2017 Competition, organ­ized by Myanmar Com­puter Federation (MCF) a...
Police officer killed by drunk driver while investigating car crash
GENERAL Date: Aug 08, 2017   View: 84
A police officer was killed on Monday by a drunk driver who drove onto the scene of an earlier car accident. Around 2am on Monday, the Kamaryut police station was informed of a vehicular accident o...
Nationalist protest in Mandalay shut down, six monks arrested
GENERAL Date: Aug 08, 2017   View: 83
Six monks were arrested in Mandalay on Saturday for their involvement in a days-long protest near the city’s Mahamuni Pagoda. The protest first began on Wednesday, when several monks and national...
Passenger drops 5000-kyat note into YBS cash box, driver uses social media to locate her and return the money
GENERAL Date: Aug 08, 2017   View: 95
In spite of the many thousands of complaints that the YBS has garnered since its launch, now and again a story pops up that makes you think that perhaps not all hope is lost. Earlier this week, one Ya...
PHOTO: Facebook post warns drivers of metal nails maliciously hidden inside potholes
GENERAL Date: Aug 08, 2017   View: 96
A video that has garnered tens of thousands of shares on Facebook has revealed a new source of worry for drivers, especially during the rainy season: metal nails hidden hidden inside potholes. On S...
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