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Seinnyet Ama temple & Seinnyet Nyima Pagoda
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Seinnyet Ama temple and Seinnyet Nyima Pagoda
12th century
Queen Seinnyet and sister
Between Myinkaba and New Bagan
Late period, Single storey
Nagayon temple, Soemingyi Monastery

Seinnyet Ama temple & Seinnyet Nyima Pagoda: 12th century sister temples

      In a more remote area away from the main temples are the Seinnyet Ama temple and the Seinnyet Nyima Pagoda, also known as the Seinnyet sister temples.
      Located on a small hill a few kilometers South of old Bagan the two monuments are found in a single complex, surrounded by a low brick wall.
      The temple and the pagoda were built in the 12th century by Queen Seinnyet and her sister. The Seinnyet Ama which means elder sister is a Gu Phaya and the Seinnyet Nyima which means younger sister is a Pahto.

Seinnyet Ama temple

      The Seinnyet Ama is a Gu Phaya or hollow temple built by Queen Seinnyet in the 12th century. The one storey structure has a square, symmetrical floor plan. The base of the temple is a cube with entrances on all four sides, the Eastern being the main entrance. The entrance porches extend slightly out of the main structure.
      On top of the cube are four receding terraces, of which the lower three have small stupas on each of its corners. On top of the fourth terrace is a sikhara, a tower structure originating from North India. The top of the Seinnyet Ama consists of a circular spire ornament.
      Some of the carved stucco decorations on the pediments over the entrances remain today, although much of it has not survived. They contain depictions of several mythical creatures such as dragons and ogresses, as well as animals like lions, peacocks and birds. Inside the temple is a Buddha in an arched recess seated on a stone pedestal in the Bhumisparsha mudra, as well as murals with depictions of the Jataka tales, the stories about the previous lives of the Buddha.

Seinnyet Nyima pagoda

      The Seinnyet Nyima is a phato or pagoda built in the 12th century by Queen Seinnyet's sister. This pagoda is believed to be older than the Seinnyet Ama temple. The pagoda is solid with a square floor plan.
      On the base are three receding terraces with small stupas on each of its four corners. A bell shaped dome is placed on the third terrace. On top of the dome is the Amalaka, a circular stone disk with vertical ridges on the outer edge. The top of the Seinnyet Nyima consists of the Kalasam, a finial with concentric rings.

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