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Shwe Kyet Yet-Shwe Kyet Kya Pagoda-headed Boats Pay Homage Festival Travel
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Amarapura Township Shwe Kyet Yet Village Tract Shwe Kyet Yet-Shwe Kyet Kya Pagoda-headed Boats Pay Homage Festival this year was celebrated by New Generation Youth Contests said the news. Boat-heads Pay Homage to Pagoda Festival is used to celebrate as one of 12-month-seasonal Myanmar Traditions which Boat Contest used to hold on 26th to 27th September at Shwe Kyet Yet Pagoda in the Ayarwady River with unique culture of small Sampans from the respective Villages rowing festival was found.

"Previous years were held by experienced Adults but this year New Generation Youth was allowed to compete in order to know about the Traditional Boat Contest and to hand over the habit, Youth were oriented to be Participants; most Youth enjoyed in the Contest," said Boat Contest Working Committee Member U Win Aung. This year Contest was worked out by 13 respective Villages from Shwe Kyet Yet Village Tract of which 13 Teams from 13 Villages each Village one Team that 11 rowers per boat. First Award a cup of 1 Lakh Kyat; Second a cup of 70,000 Kyat; the Third a cup of 50,000 Kyat would be provided.

"Shwe Kyet Yet Pagoda Boat-heads Pay Homage to Pagoda Festival was held traditionally since the Kings' Ava Era that  aimed for inspiration of the Unity of Villagers much more ; for No-Surrender Spiri Development; Youth Stamina Empowerment," he said.On 7th Waxing day of Myanmar month Tawthalin, Rice Donation, Religious Groups' Recitation of Buddha Preaches; Oil-lighting in Pagoda, and on the 8th, received rice from Gaw Satkan Villages from Shwe Kyet Yet Village Tract,were invited and donated to Monks. Among them, a portion was accepted by 9-Team-Villagers paid Homage with offering-tray at Boat-head spot, rice and offerings at Boat body bottom-up 3 times headed Pay Homage to Shwe Kyet Yet Pagoda. Rice and food were donated in whirls of water the Boat-heads Pay Homage to  Shwe Kyet Yet Pagoda Festival was start celebrated.


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